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LaLunette Jewelry is a twin cities based duo comprised of Gina Gaetz and Rose Weselmann. Together, we work to make pieces of jewelry that can be worn in any occasion.The combination of gemstones and geometric brass  are the staples of both our earrings and necklaces. We gladly accept customized ideas and commissions and can be contacted via our Facebook, Instagram, or E-mail. 

Crescent Moon & Stone Necklace


Crescent Moon & Stone Necklace


Crescent Moon & Stone Necklace


A new spring take on our popular classic crescent moon necklace. Antique brass cable chain accented with natural cut stone of your choice and brass moon charm. 

Each necklace sold separately. 

Stones picture from left to right: Pyrite, Ruby, Labradorite, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz

Ruby: Posing as July's birthstone, Rubies are thought to stimulate energy in the weary and is a stone of the noble, increasing sensuality and vitality.

Pyrite: Promotes physical health and well being, as well as protection

Labradorite: As a general stone of protection, labradorite also provides clarity, balance and transformation

Aquamarine: Considered a stone of happiness and youth. 

Rose Quartz: Stone of femininity, love, peace and compassion. 


**Due to the natural beauty and cut of these stones, each necklace holds its own unique character and may vary slightly from the images provided. 

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